Why did not you receive an Email, after you was submitted your article?

When submitting the article, all items that are specified should be ticked in the right corner of the page.
If you did not receive an Email, you should try again.

should articles follow from specific pattern for primary acceptance?

Before you want to start submitting, it is necessary to read guideline exactly.

Who should submit the file, If an article has several authors?

Correspond author should submit the article and EBCJ is related to this person.

How is the process of submitted articles?

You can study Peer Review Process.

How can submit the articles for EBCJ?

You can just submit your articles via EBCJ website http://ebcj.mums.ac.ir/.

For more information you can study Guide for Authors.

How long will take to receive or reject the paper?

First your article will be reviewed Structurally, after that article will send to editor in chief and reviewers. This phase takes time 10 weeks at least. Finally if your article not rejected, after revising by authors, your manuscript will accept

How can contact with EBCJ?

The fastest way to communicate with us is:

Need to pay for article acceptance in EBCJ?

No, no fee.

How can you check the submitted article?

You can check the process of your article via your account in EBCJ website.   Login