Aims and Scope


Aims and Scope




The Evidence Based Care Journal (EBCJ) is an international, peer reviewed, scientific journal that seeks 

          to promote the development and exchange of knowledge that is directly relevant to all spheres of patient care.

          The primary aim is to promote a high standard of clinically related scholarship which advances and supports 

          patient care in practice. The Journal also aims to promote the international exchange of ideas and experience 

          that draws from the different cultures in which practice takes place. Further, EBCJ seeks to enrich insight into

          clinical needs and the implications for patient care intervention and models of service delivery. Emphasis is 

          placed on clinical practicality of research findings and strength of study design.

EBCJ is essential reading for anyone involved in healthcare professions, whether clinicians, researchers,

          educators, managers, policy makers, or students. Contributions are welcomed from other health professionals

          on issues that have a direct impact on patient care.

Topics include but are not limited to:

   Development of clinical research, evaluation, evidence-based practice and scientific enquiry;

   Patient and family experiences of health and health care; illness and recovery;

   Research to enhance patient care quality and reduce harm to patients;

   The nature of patient care needs, intervention, social interaction and models of service delivery;

   Exploration of organizational or systemic factors that enhance or impede the provision of effective, 

             high-quality patient care;

   Application and dissemination of clinical knowledge and theory;

   Role development and inter-disciplinary working, exploring the scope and changing boundaries clinical 


Cultural comparisons and evaluations of patient care in different health sectors, social and geographical settings.