Comparison of the effect of fish oil and vitamin E on the duration of Cyclic mastalgia

Document Type : Original Quantitative and Qualitative Research Paper


1 midwife/mashhad university of medical sciences

2 Midwife/Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

3 nurse/mashhad university of medical sciences

4 doctor/mashhad university of medical sciences


Background: One of the most common causes of referal of women of childbearing age to physician is the cyclic mastalgia. The present study was performed due to the similar mechanism of action of fish oil and vitamin E in reducing this pain.
Aim: To determine the effect of fish oil and vitamin E on duration of Cyclic mastalgia.
Methods: This Triple-blind clinical trial was performed on 70 women (15 to 49 years) suffered from cyclical mastalgia. Patients were divided into two study groups with 35 patients in each group, included: 1. Fish oil 3gr/day, 2. Vitamin E 400 unit daily. Breast pain duration was evaluated before the study and 1 and 2 months after the intervention, In addition, medication side effects were assessed after an intervention. Data after collected by registration table of breast pain duration was analysed by SPSS statistical software (version16). Chi-square, repeated measures ANOVA, independent and paired-t tests were performed.
Results: The mean of breast pain duration in fish oil group before an intervention was 9/3±3/4 and was decreased to 2/5±4/5 2 months after the fish oil consumption. Also in Vitamin E group this mount decreased from 9/5±3/3 to2/2±3/5. Overally the mean scores of breast pain duration decreased before and after the intervention in both groups (P<0/001).
Conclusion: According to the findings of this study and the absence of serious drug side effects, fish oil and Vitamin E with similar therapeutic effects in the treatment of cyclic mastalgia, can be a viable alternative to other hazardous drugs in this field.


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