Effect of Implementing Family-Centered Empowerment Model on Burden of Care in Caregivers of the Elderly with Parkinson's Disease

Volume 9, Issue 3, October 2019, Pages 41-48


Somayieh Bagheri; Najmeh Valizadeh Zare; Seyed Reza Mazlom; Samira Mohajer; Mohsen Soltani

Comparison of Sprotte and Quincke Spinal Needles on the Frequency of Spinal Anesthesia Failure in Patients undergoing Cesarean Delivery

Volume 12, Issue 2, July 2022, Pages 41-50


Simin Atashkhoei; Eissa Bilehjani; Fariba Nassiri Milani; Sajjad Pourasghary; Solmaz Fakhari

Effect of Self-Care Education Designed Based on Bandura’s Self-efficacy Model on Patients with Hypertension: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Volume 9, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 44-52


Fatemeh Farazian; Zahra Emami Moghadam; Fatemeh Heshmati Nabavi; Hamidreza Behnam Vashani

Patients' Experiences of Living with Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Qualitative Study

Volume 11, Issue 1, April 2021, Pages 44-50


Zohreh Khoshnood; Roghayeh Mehdipour-Rabori; Faezeh Nazari Robati; Marzieh Helal Birjandi; Samaneh Bagherian

The effect of telenursing on the self-efficacy of covid-19 patients after discharge from hospital

Volume 11, Issue 3, October 2021, Pages 44-52


Ahmad Rajab Dizavandi; Abolfazl Shakiba; Sedigheh Rastaghi; Mostafa Rad

Design and Psychometric Evaluation of Coping Scale in Recipients of Kidney Transplant

Volume 7, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 45-53


Najmeh Valizadeh Zare; Eesa Mohammadi; Koroush Zare; Nasrin Ehahi

Effects of In-Person and Distance Exercise Training on Outcomes of Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis among Elderly Individuals with Limited Literacy

Volume 8, Issue 1, April 2018, Pages 45-54


Forouzan Farzad; Hamidreza Behnam Vashani; Amin Azhari; Mohammd Hasan Jokar; Zahra Emami moghadam

Investigation the Suitability of Patient Education Pamphlets and Patient Satisfaction among Teaching Hospitals in 2015

Volume 8, Issue 4, January 2019, Pages 45-51


Maryam Samimi Kalat; Monir Ramezani; Fatemeh Heshmati Nabavi; Azadeh Saki

Effect of Head and Face Massage on Agitation in Elderly Alzheimer's Disease Patients

Volume 7, Issue 4, January 2018, Pages 46-54


Saeid Keshavarz; Tayebeh Mirzaei; Ali Ravari

Effects of a School-Based Interventional Program on Smoking Refusal Self-efficacy in Adolescent Females

Volume 8, Issue 3, October 2018, Pages 46-56


Zienab Rafiee; Abdolghader Assarroudi; Masoud Zare; Hamid Heidarian Miri; Atefe Behboudifar; Fatemeh Heshmati Nabavi

The Effect of Facilitated Tucking During Venipuncture on Pain and Physiological Parameters in Preterm Infants

Volume 2, Issue 2, July 2012, Pages 47-56


Tayebeh Reyhani; Tahereh Mohebi; Hasan Boskabadi; Hasan Gholami; Vahid Ghavami ghanbarabadi

The effect of cognitive behavioral therapy on depression and anxiety in patients with myocardial infarction

Volume 2, Issue 4, January 2013, Pages 47-55


Farzaneh Shojaaddin; Majid Kazemi; Ahmad Alipour; Mohammad Oraki

Providence during pregnancy; a qualitative content analysis

Volume 3, Issue 4, January 2014, Pages 47-58


Tooba Heidari; saeede Ziaei; Fazlollah Ahmadi; Eesa Mohammadi

Effect of Chamomile Extract on Sleep Quality of the Elderly

Volume 4, Issue 3, October 2014, Pages 47-56


Mehrdad Abdullahzadeh; Saye Ali Naji

Design of psychometric assessment questionnaire to determine the causes of discomfort among patients admitted to the intensive care unit

Volume 5, Issue 1, April 2015, Pages 47-56


Hossein Kareshki; Abbas Heydari; Javad Malekzadeh; Habibollah Esmaily; Zohre Mohammadzadeh Tabrizi; Maryam Hesarimoghaddam; Hasan Hajiabadi; Fatemeh Hajiabadi

Examining the Effects of Training According to Learning Styles on Self-care among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Volume 6, Issue 4, January 2017, Pages 47-56


Amir Reza Saleh Moghadam; Farzane Hozhabr Araghi; Ali Bazzi; Hamidreza Behnam Voshani; Hossein Karimi Moonaghi

The Effect of early ambulation on nausea in patients undergoing Appendectomy

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2013, Pages 49-58


Fatemeh Asadi; Hamid ebrahimi; Reza Mazloum; Ali Jangjo; Mahdieh Sabouri noghabi

The Effects of Massage on apnea and feeding intolerance Hospitalized Preterm Infants in NICU

Volume 3, Issue 2, July 2013, Pages 49-54


soheyla karbandi; maryam kalatehmolaey; hasan boskabadi; habib esmaeily