Author = Shakeri, Mohammad taghi
Effect of Counseling on the Sexual Satisfaction Level of Women with Sexual Dysfunction using PLISSIT Model Focused on Dysfunctional Sexual Beliefs

Volume 9, Issue 3, October 2019, Pages 49-57


Maliheh Mohammadzadeh Moghaddam; Maryam Moradi; Khadijeh Mirzaii Najmabadi; Mohammad Arash Ramezani; Mohammad Taghi Shakeri

Diagnostic Value of Risk Nomogram for the Prediction of Postpartum Hemorrhage Following Vaginal Delivery

Volume 9, Issue 1, April 2019, Pages 26-34


Nazpari Ashouri; Masoumeh Kordi; Mohammad taghi Shakeri; Fatemeh Tara

Assessment of the Relationship between Fear and Self-efficacy of Childbirth during Labor in Primipara Women

Volume 9, Issue 1, April 2019, Pages 63-68


Sima Saeedi Aval Nooghabi; Maryam Moradi; Masoumeh Kordi; Masoumeh Mirteimouri; Mohammad Taghi Shakeri

Comparison of the Effect of Pressure on Bladder-GV20 and Gallbladder-GV20 on Labor Pain Intensity among the Primiparous Women: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Volume 8, Issue 3, October 2018, Pages 7-16


Elaheh Mansouri; Masoumeh Kordi; Shapour Badiee Aval; Mohammad Taghi Shakeri; Masoumeh Mirteimouri

Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation on depression, anxiety, and stress of primigravid women

Volume 5, Issue 1, April 2015, Pages 67-76


Farnaz Sadat Seyed Ahmadi Nejad; Nahid Golmakani; negar Asghari Pour; Mohammad Taghi Shakeri