Author = Akram Rezaeian
Number of Articles: 10
1. Early Enteral Feeding in Neonates Undergoing Esophageal Atresia Repair Surgery

Volume 10, Issue 3, October 2020, Pages 33-41

Gholamreza Khademi; Marzieh Ghorbani; Seyed Ali Jafari; Reza Shojaeian; Majid Sezavar Dokht Farogh; Hasan Boskabadi; Aramesh Rezaeian

2. Effect of an Educational Video Game for Diabetes Self-management on Adherence to a Self-care Regimen in Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Volume 9, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 74-83

Ebrahim Rafeezadeh; Nosrat Ghaemi; Hamid Heidarian Miri; Aramesh Rezaeian

3. Effect of Developmental Stimulation Program on the Developmental Measures of Toddlers

Volume 8, Issue 1, April 2018, Pages 7-16

Elahe Ghayebie; Aramesh Rezaeian

4. Effects of Early Feeding Support on the Postoperative Weight Gain Status of Infants with Esophageal Atresia

Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2016, Pages 67-74

Marzieh Ghorbani; Akram Rezaeian; Gholamreza Khademi; Reza Shojaeian; Seyed Ali Jafari

5. Effects of Motor Development Stimulation on Anthropometric Indices of Infants Aged 1-12 Months in Foster Care Homes

Volume 5, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 17-24

Arezou NikNezhad Jalali; Akram Rezaeian; Hamidreza Behnam Vashani; Seyedreza Mazlom; Elahe Ghayebie

6. Effect of Developmental Stimulation on the Fine Motor Development Age of Toddlers with Celiac Disease

Volume 5, Issue 3, October 2015, Pages 77-90

Seyedali Jafari; Akram Rezaeian; Elahe Ghayebie; Mehran Beyraghi Tossi; Seyedreza Mazlom; Mahnaz Rezaei Askarieye

7. The Effect of Family Participation on Mother's General Health and Length of Hospitalization of Premature Neonate

Volume 4, Issue 1, April 2014, Pages 53-60

Hamidreza Behnam Vashani; Zahra Askari Hoseini; Hasan Boskabadi; Akram Rezaeian

9. An evidence based care package to improve motor skills of infants living in foster care according to integrative review approach

Volume 3, Issue 2, July 2013, Pages 73-87

Akram Rezaeian; Arezo Niknejad Jalali; Farah Ashrafzadeh

10. Effect of twice-weekly iron supplementation on attention of female high school students

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2013, Pages 59-68

Akram Rezaeian; Reza Mazloum